for USD 383 Board of Education

“There is nothing more important to a community than their children. Our schools are critical in helping parents give students many of the skills they will need to prosper as adults. It is the School Board duty to guide the administration and teachers in a way that honors this. I will do all I can to help the school keep their commitment to parents and the community. I will honor the funding that the community provides and respect that investment by helping to make it as efficient and cost-effective as possible. I also promise to be watchful of those who have agendas to use our children in ways that go beyond the mission that our schools should have.”

Frank Beer May 4 2023

The Manhattan/Ogden area has had a tradition of excellent education for our children. In today’s tumultuous world, our schools need clear direction to provide the education that our parents desire, our students need, and our community invests in. We need a School Board that helps the administration and teachers in the district define what that central mission is and helps set the parameters to achieve that mission. Frank Beer proposes that we use the following principles to establish a basis for that mission:

  1. Parents are in charge. Parents depend upon schools to provide their children with the academic and technical skills they need to succeed. However, schools are not a replacement for the children’s primary caregivers, the parents.
  2. Honor the investment our communities make. We must use the funds that our communities provide us wisely and direct them to maximize the academic return for our students.
  3. Schools need to understand their mission. Our schools should not be used for experiments with societal issues and scientific or historical revisionism.

The campaign will be focused on these principles and if elected they will guide his approach in his time on the board.

Mr. Beer has been an active member of the Manhattan community since 2001. All four of his children graduated from Manhattan High School. He has been active within many organizations over the years and was the proud recipient of the 2006 Community Volunteer of the Year awarded by the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife Jan were the owners of the RadioShack store for many years.